Ronzilla Plush Toy

AU $49.00 Ex GST

Don’t be like Ron!

Ronzilla is our ultimate anti-hero of online learning. Ron doesn’t really understand eLearning, he thinks it’s just a matter of uploading content to a site and adding a few pictures. #dontbelikeRon

All of our new clients get a free Ronzilla as part of the onboarding process. If you want a Ronzilla for yourself but are not yet a client then feel free to pick one up from the store here. BTW – this is a quality plush toy. Ron is not made cheaply – he is hand made in the Philippines and supports the local economy and manufacturing.

Stay tuned for more Ronzilla and Optivly merch…


Ron is our company mascot. If we have the chance to work together, you can ask where the heck Ron came from. Ron’s name is a reference to Ron Burgundy from Anchorman and Godzilla from…. Tokyo in the 70’s.

Ron doesn’t know much about eLearning at all. Ron thinks that eLearning is just a matter of taking a few student manuals and some PowerPoints and whacking them up online….. don’t be like Ron.