eLearning Content Development

Regardless of whether you want us to build your content for you, or you already have content that you want to digitise yourself we can help.

Optivly has a wealth of knowledge and expertise to help make your content shine.


Online & Blended Course Development


Ok so you have a platform, now what?
You need to populate your platform with programs and courses.

Blended Learning is the future!

Blended learning describes a learning model that combines traditional in person classroom/workshop program delivery with new and emerging online delivery capability and methodologies.

Blended learning represents a model that cleverly leverages technology and technological innovation to augment and underpin offline/traditional programs. In other words, it doesn't necessarily replace face to face workshops, it builds on this to create an even more engaging program of delivery that includes online elements.

There is extensive, global supporting research data that indicates blended learning models are the most effective for maintaining participant engagement over time and ensuring transfer and application of knowledge.

We have combined our decades of experience and capability in designing and delivering programs with a world class, enterprise-grade people and learning platform that enables us to design, deliver and engage participants like never before.

We have your content development needs covered:

We can develop courses for you.

You can access the Commons area and import a range of free courses.

We can teach you how to develop your own courses.

You can license some of our existing courses and programs.

We have an in-house online learning capacity that includes skills including:

Course Design and Build

eLearning Design and Build

Interaction Design and Development

Immersive Experience Design and Build

Project Management


Software Development

System Administration & Support

Our team have worked with many well known organisations including:

See some samples of our work

We are pretty good at building immersive learning experiences. These enrich the learning journey and understanding of your students.

We can build interactive videos where people can look around an environment and interact with objects placed in that environment. These interactions often can work on phone, tablet and laptop depending on the size of the course.

With our Immersive Course builds, you can navigate around a factory or any building really and click on elements in the image to interact with them.


Peer to peer learning and Collaboration

Features like Discussion Boards and Zoom/Teams meetings allows for formal and informal discussions to take place to help participants explore what they have learned, build on knowledge acquired, test theories, ask questions about things they didn’t understand all in their own time and at their own pace.


Individualised Learning

People absorb information in different ways and traditional learning is often very linear. In a classroom/workshop environment, participants typically will be asked to absorb a number of different topics and ideas sometimes, with insufficient time allocated to enable deep exploration of a topic or idea as "there's a lot to get through today".

Enabling participants to go online after attending a workshop allows each participant to explore topics that they perhaps didn’t get enough time to explore or perhaps didn't understand fully.

Participants are able to undertake 'self-directed' (Individualised) learning in that they can browse through additional learning resources provided (videos of the session, videos on the topic, extra reading on the topic, peer to peer discussions, group tutorials or one on one coaching with the Facilitator). This custom approach to learning is far more engaging for an individual and allows them to feel supported throughout their learning journey.

Individualised Learning

Facilitators can allocate additional learning resources to an Individual. They can book time individually with program participants if they notice that this is needed or upon request from the participant.

Facilitators can keep in touch with program participants in between workshops enabling one on one mentoring and coaching to support the learning and application in the work process.

The point at which people apply something they learned in a workshop is often initially very challenging BUT this is where the real learning takes place. Being able to use peers and the Facilitator as a sounding board immediately after testing out something in the real world helps to ensure that any challenges experienced can be talked through, encouragement and additional information provided to support the learner to try again.

Without that support, the application of the new skill invariably fails to stick and this is why so many training programs do not get the real change in behaviour desired.

Rich Content and Assessments

Our blended learning design means we are able to provide topic videos, session recordings, immersive learning experiences, audio recordings and interactive content.

Assessments can also be delivered in rich media (e.g. video) or via interactive elements such as hot spots, fill in the blanks. Easily created by trainers/facilitators.

Students can provide their feedback or assignment submissions using the video camera on their phone. No long essays to write, no convoluted marking process.

Trainers/Facilitators can easily create a range of interactive and dynamic assessments using built in Assessment and Content design tools.

Workshops can be delivered live in a physical classroom OR in a Virtual Workshop using Zoom or Microsoft Teams which is already integrated into our Platform solution.


Anywhere, anytime learning

Our People & Learning Platform is built on Canvas - a global system with over 30 million users. The Canvas system enables people to access our programs via smartphones, tablets and laptop/desktops anywhere at any time on any device. We have integrated a number of solutions onto the Canvas environmet to create the complete learning and development solution for your business.


Learning Pathways

We can work with you to design and build learning paths with prerequisite subjects, modules or units.

Your employees and contractors can receive badges for each major milestone which can then be published to LinkedIn (if you wish).

Learning Pathways

Project Methodologies

We use a number of Project Methodologies depending on the nature, size and scope of the project.  One of the main models we use is the Successive Approximation Model (SAM).  The SAM process allows us to rapidly create a prototype for you and your team to view and give feedback on.  We then take the feedback and incorporate it into the next iteration. In this way, your eLearning object or module is taking shape with you seeing the changes as it moves through the development cycle rather than one big - TA DAH!! at the end.

SAM model