Optivly is an authorised Partner of VRTY

Are you looking for new ways to train and engage your teams?

VRTY is your solution. We are proud to partner with Optivly to help us in our mission of bringing-to-life 21st Century learning outcomes.

Our feature-rich platform helps learning designers to create and build innovative interactive experiences that support effective pedagogy and differentiated training and eLearning experiences.

Our projects can be viewed on many different devices such as computers, tablets, mobile, or headsets; and users can choose between immersive virtual reality or interactive 360º mode.

VRTY projects can also be integrated and used with many Learning Management Systems (LMS) and Virtual Learning Environments (VLE), using SCORM, LTI or xAPI.

The VRTY platform provides other advantages, such as being scaleable, cost-effective, versatile, and easily updated.


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