The Brief

Conservation Volunteers Australia asked us to take their excellent face to face In Safe Hands training program for volunteers and turn it into an online training course in aXcelerate LMS.

The CVA In Safe Hands course is a tremendous asset and is used to help train volunteers in all sorts of organisations across Australia. The online course needed to be engaging, easy to navigate and keep people informed without overwhelming them with information. Volunteers come in all shapes and sizes, ages, work and life experience and first language, so the course needed to cater for that diverse mix of people. Thanks to the really excellent work done by the CVA team (Richard and Evan we are looking at you!) our job was a lot easier.

aXcelerate made it easy to create a simple learning journey for people to follow courtesy of their Learning Pathways feature in aXcelerate LMS.

Examples of the build


The course in aXcelerate


CVA in Safe Hands Toolkit

Have a look at this orientation video we created for Conservation Volunteers Australia. This video is one of the first things students see to help them understand how to navigate their way through the course.

Ronzilla thinks that orientation videos are a waste of time and people going through a course will just figure it out for themselves...  #dontbelikeRon!