OK…. so we got challenged to use our eLearning development skills to build out a client’s vision for the future of retail.  We reckon we nailed it.

  • 360 immersive walkthrough of a retail shop? Check
  • able to click on things in the shop and find out more detail?  Check
  • able to click on items and add to cart? Check
  • ability to talk to the retailer and ask questions about the product?  Check

Check out the video below and you will see how we have combined various eLearning authoring tools with our eLearning build skills to create a retail shopping experience like nothing else.

Big claim? 

Judge for yourself….


The following technologies were used:

The 360 environment was built using the vrty.io platform.  Big shout out to our friends at VRTY and their awesome tech.


The call sequence with the Butcher was done on a RealWear camera.


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About Paul Eldridge

Paul is the Head Honcho and has close to 15 years of online and blended learning experience. With many battle scars and war wounds over the years, he likes to help other organisations navigate the sometimes complex landscape of learning platforms and content development.